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The Zombies: Volume One Cover

The Zombies: Volume One

The Zombies: Volume One by Macaulay C. Hunter is another zombie novel that takes the perspective of an unusual demographic — teenagers. “They were six average teenagers . . . until Sombra C. Schools are closed. Thousands of sick people are locked in confinement points to die. Vigilante soldiers are pacing the streets. A mutation of […]

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Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival Guide by Stephen Derickson

The Zombie Survival Guide by Stephen Derickson is probably my least favorite survival guide. (Which is saying a lot, considering how many options there are to choose from on Amazon alone.) Before we begin, I will mention that prior to this review being completed the book appears to have been pulled from the Amazon. The links […]

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The Zombie Cookbook

I don’t have anything but good things to say about The Zombie Cookbook by J.O. Osbourne. This book is full of great, simple recipes that both sound and can be made to look very spooky. I thought it would be a good book to check out prior to Halloween festivities and I was right! This […]

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