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Does Shark Lake Bite ? (Review)

Dolph Lundgren, Sara Malakul Lane, Lily Brooks O’Brian, James Chalke, Michael Aaron Milligan and Ibrahim Renno star in the shark thriller Shark Lake. Directed by Jerry Dugan and written by David Anderson and Gabe Burnstein, Shark Lake centers on officer Meredith Hernandez, a single mother raising Carley (O’Brian), her young daughter. Meredith’s life is thrown […]

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The Road to Death House Part 1

Let’s build on Eli Roth’s prescient observation. I have written quite a bit on cynicism in filmmaking. If you are just coming to my series, stop here. Go back and read my other pieces. Then you can read this in context. However, he is talking about a SMALL percentage of fans. This is not a […]

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